After 25 years, COPIAN (NALD) announces it can no longer receive resources

After 25 years and in the wake of sudden Federal funding cuts to COPIAN and other national and provincial literacy organizations, COPIAN announced in an email bulletin dated June 9 that it can no longer receive new resource submissions and must now concentrate on how it can monetize its operations or otherwise develop a survival strategy for the organization. COPIAN (formerly NALD) is an internationally-recognized go-to database for adult literacy resources, research, program reports, curricula and learner-generated materials. Many of the resources are tailored to unique literacy, language, cultural and learning contexts in Canada. People are invited to send letters to the Federal Government expressing the important role COPIAN plays in supporting high quality literacy education and research. Follow the link…

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We are a group of writers and educators committed to making visible the everyday work of literacy educators and adult learners, and advocating that funding for literacy be dedicated to the delivery of quality, sustainable, literacy education programs rather than to population-based adult literacy skills testing.
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2 Responses to After 25 years, COPIAN (NALD) announces it can no longer receive resources

  1. Maria Moriarty says:

    So far this is the only piece of news about this tremendous loss that I have seen – apart from notices from Copian and other affected organizations… why the silence????

  2. I heartily applaud the suggestion made at — send messages to your MP and Minister Kenney….but “when you are looking for a resource that you used to be able to find on Copian, contact the Office of Literacy and Essential Skills (OLES)” using this online contact form:

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